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Cigarette packs, which coughs tobacco industry

Cigarette packs, which coughs tobacco industryThe draft revision of the Federal decree on tobacco causes coughing major manufacturers of tobacco products. In the future, warning labels about the dangers of Smoking will have to take a half of a cigarette pack. "This is too much!" say right parties and representatives of the tobacco industry. So far, the project is notable for its apparent radicalism. As proposed by the Federal office of public health (OFSP), the words "Smoking can kill", made in black and white, should occupy 35% of the front of the pack. On the back side of the package 50% of the area will be allocated for additional information about the dangers of cigarettes. Читать полностью -->

Healthy food makes people happy

Healthy food makes people happyAs you know, healthy food is one of the key components of a healthy lifestyle, without which it is impossible to avoid diseases. But, it turns out that proper nutrition helps people not only to stay physically healthy, but also to be happy and cheerful. As shown by research conducted by American scientists from the National Institute of health, some of the substances included in the healthy human foods, they have a strong psychoactive effect. In particular, it was shown on the example of so-called omega-3-unsaturated fatty acids contained in fish dishes and is considered one of the most powerful natural antioxidant and antiatherosclerotic funds. Scientists have discovered that their content in human blood (i.e. from intake from food) depends on the probability of developing depression and other mental disorders accompanied by negative emotions. Читать полностью -->

Heat stroke

Heat strokeWhat is the General characteristic of heat stroke? Heat stroke is a painful condition caused by the overheating of the body and the resulting impact of external thermal factors. Heat stroke may occur as a result of staying in the high temperature and humidity during long marches in hot climates, during intense physical work in a hot, poorly ventilated areas. The development of heat stroke contribute warm clothing, fatigue, failure to comply with drinking water treatment. In infants cause heat stroke can be wrap in warm blankets, stay in a stuffy room, location, cot near stoves or radiators. What is the pathogenesis of heat stroke? Excessive overheating of the body is accompanied by the disruption of water and electrolyte metabolism, disorders of blood circulation, petechial hemorrhages in the brain. What are the clinical manifestations of heat stroke? The patient experiences a feeling of General weakness, fatigue, headache, dizziness, tinnitus, drowsiness, thirst, nausea. Читать полностью -->

Diseases and their origin from the point of view of astrology (amnesia, anemia, aneurysm)

Diseases and their origin from the point of view of astrology (amnesia, anemia, aneurysm)Diseases and their origin from the point of view of astrology (amnesia, anemia, aneurysm) Amnesia is a partial or complete memory loss. One of the most common forms - loss of ability to remember words. This condition is usually associated with pathological changes in brain tissue. The most frequent cause is the Sun, disadvantaged in the constellation of Aries, and mercury, if it is not addressed to its phase at the rising sign and is not associated with him. Aneurysm is a permanent stretching of the walls of blood vessels, particularly arteries. It comes from the fact that the weak point in the vessel wall stuck out like a balloon. Читать полностью -->

Pools lead to the birth of freaks

Pools lead to the birth of freaksSwimming pools can be dangerous for pregnant women. As the scientists from the Imperial College of science, technology and medicine in London, in the water in the pools has too many trihalomethanes v substances, which are formed during the chlorination. There is evidence that they can cause miscarriages, birth of children with low birth weight and serious malformations. As explained by scientists, after chlorination, the chlorine particles begin to interact with the cells of the skin and cosmetic products, which leads to the formation of a whole series of products, among which and trihalomethanes. In recent years, studies are increasingly connecting them with various problems in the reproductive sphere. In this study the researchers examined the water of the eight swimming pools for three weeks. Читать полностью -->

Do we breathe?

Do we breathe?In ancient and modern medicine, there is one General principle: the doctors believe that the need to breathe through the nose and deeper. Meanwhile, some experts, one of which is the famous Dr. K. P. Buteyko, questioned this approach. According to the newspaper "AIF Health, building on its research, Buteyko found that for proper metabolism optimal ratio of carbon dioxide and oxygen is the proportion of 3:1. Читать полностью -->

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