New drug is potentially able to deal with any kind of flu

New drug is potentially able to deal with any kind of fluHeld on 15-18 December in Washington 45th annual scientific conference on antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy were presented the results of preclinical testing of a new drug to cope with various types of influenza, including avian. The drug is a joint project of the Institute for Allergy and immunology La JOLLA, engaged in the study of infectious diseases and other disorders of the immune system and biopharmaceutical companies Gemini Science. A potential method of disease based on the use of human anthropogenic antibodies. To obtain mice genetically modified for the production of human antibodies injected protein M2, typical of all influenza viruses type a, including avian H5N1 virus. Synthesized in the organism of animals antibodies to M2 successfully tested for the ability to connect with artificially synthesized fragments of viral particles, related to different types of influenza viruses, including avian. When administered to mice infected with a potentially lethal strain of the virus, close to the bird, antibodies to M2 justify them hope - the only survivor of vaccinated animals. Читать полностью -->

New method of treating diseases Koenig developed Russian doctors

New method of treating diseases Koenig developed Russian doctorsRussian medical researchers have developed a way non-traumatic treatment of patients with heart disease Koenig. They managed to find a method of preventing the detachment of the pathologically changed plot condyle of the femur with maintaining the strength characteristics of the articular surface, provided it revascularization and full replacement tissues, reduced invasiveness of surgical treatment and decrease the recovery time of patients. The invasiveness of surgical intervention, injury to the back (donor) sites condyles of the femur, the reduction of the area of the cartilage of the articular surface. Also inevitable is the process of reconstruction grafts and long-term medical rehabilitation. Such deficiencies have modern methods of treatment of diseases Koenig, associated with diseases of the joints. A group of Russian researchers: Malakhov Oleg Alekseevich, White Sergei Ivanovich, Orletsky Anatoly K., Kozhevnikov, Oleg V. Читать полностью -->

Scientists have shown that brain power can prevent the flu and colds

Scientists have shown that brain power can prevent the flu and coldsBrain activity can control the resistance to flu and colds, according to the scientists, who were able to demonstrate a direct relationship between brain activity, emotional status and immunity. This discovery, in particular, explains why people who are depressed, often catch colds and get sick with the flu. A group of neurologists led by Professor Richard Davidson of the University of Wisconsin found that a key role in shaping not only the emotional state, but also the immune system of the body is electrical activity in the prefrontal cortex. High level of electrical activity in the right part of the prefrontal cortex affects negative emotional state and increased vulnerability of the organism to influenza virus. At the same time, increased activity in the left part in the area of the brain above the left eye - defines a positive emotional state. Scientists injected 52 volunteers flu vaccine, and then scanned their brain, measurements of intensity of electrical activity in the right and left parts of the prefrontal cortex, to see how the immune system participants will respond to the simulation of a virus attack. Читать полностью -->

Kuban begins the flu epidemic

Kuban begins the flu epidemicKuban begins the flu epidemic On the territory of Krasnodar region marked increase in the incidence of SARS and influenza. In some areas of the Kuban epidemiological threshold for influenza and SARS has already been exceeded. The largest number of patients observed in Beloglinskoe, Yeisk and the assumption districts. In the Krasnodar territory in the past week alone there are registered more than 20 thousands of patients with influenza and ARVI. In some areas of the Kuban to the incidence of influenza and SARS assumed the character of an epidemic. The largest number of patients observed in Beloglinskoe, Yeisk and the assumption districts. Читать полностью -->

The day begins with charging

The day begins with chargingCharging should begin immediately after sleep. The first 2 exercises (for full resume) can be performed in bed for 5-6 times each. Lying on your back. Raise the arms up, grab a brush the top of the bed and stretch, moving his head back deeper into the pillow, straighten your legs, socks delay. Then return to your original position. Sitting on the bed. Читать полностью -->

Gynecologist Sekerina Olga I

Gynecologist Sekerina Olga IGynecologist Sekerina Olga I. The idea of creating a private office was not only able to stay afloat in modern conditions, but also as a way to really implement yourself as a specialist. Now me not tend neither the views of the physician or the plan, requiring me to take 20-30 patients a day. This gives you the opportunity to give each patient as much time as necessary for a thorough examination and lengthy conversations. Your private gynecological Cabinet I opened in 1997 on the basis of the Federal Centre of expertise disability of the population of the city of Moscow. In addition to my services patient in my office have the opportunity to enjoy the full range of services provided by the Institute. Читать полностью -->

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