The kidney as a gift for best friend

The kidney as a gift for best friendThe kidney as a gift for best friend Continues the action initiated by the companies Vastarredo and NGOs Rosmetall" with the support of the Foundation "Good heart", with the aim to attract public attention to the problem of school furniture and prove the necessity of introduction in educational process of ergonomic furniture, taking into account the peculiarities of structure and growth of children. The other day was the official presentation of the class, completed a month ago with new desks. According to teachers and parents, the results of the use by children of ergonomic furniture is already in the class significantly increased achievement in children has increased interest in study, and for the last month, none of the students of the experimental class was not sick. Reliably confirm or refute this information will be a medical examination, which will be held at the end of the week. It will be the first of five by the experiment of medical examinations, the purpose of which is the registration number of psychological and physiological parameters of the students of the experimental class and the control group. On the basis of these indicators at the end of the experiment will be conducted analysis of changes in health status and psychological state of children. Читать полностью -->

Scientists have discovered how people get to know each other

Scientists have discovered how people get to know each otherAmerican scientists Galit Yovel and Nancy Kanwisher from the Massachusetts Institute of technology have figured out how the recognition of people's faces. During this process, they did establish that meets the fusiform gyrus (fusiform area), located on the bottom surface of the temporal lobe of the brain. The study involved several volunteers who were shown a series of pictures. Some were depicted person, on the other house. Individuals differed by location, features, and house - location of Windows, doors and other details. Respondents were given the opportunity to consider illustrations, registering meanwhile the activity of their brain using functional magnetic resonance imaging. Читать полностью -->

Our thoughts are changing because of head movements

Our thoughts are changing because of head movementsAfter listening to the participants of the experiment were to evaluate the sound quality and Express your opinion heard the music and comments. It turned out that head movements did affect the evaluation of the comment, but in an unusual way. Nodding, as was strengthened confidence in his own thoughts, whether you agree or disagree with the views expressed in comments, opinions and arguments, and the winding head made people less confident in his opinion. Scientists point out that such simple movements can affect the self-confidence in matters of vital importance and, as shown by the survey participants, quite unconsciously. NTR.Ru. . Читать полностью -->

SARS China remains quarantined

SARS China remains quarantinedOn Sunday 4 may, the Chinese authorities have decided to extend already started in the country quarantine. Thus, school of Beijing will remain closed for at least another two weeks. Meanwhile, on Saturday, may 3 football Association FIFA announced its decision to move from China to the world championship on football among women, the beginning of which was scheduled for September 23. General view of the spread of the SARS epidemic in the world is this: In China, the epidemic died 190 people in Hong Kong, 179, Singapore - 25, Canada - 23, Taiwan 8, Vietnam - 5 in Malaysia - two people in the Philippines 2 Thailand - 2. Total in the world from SARS died 436 people. Infected with the virus in the world is more than 6,200 people. Читать полностью -->

In Russia there is no civilized market of medicines

In Russia there is no civilized market of medicinesIn Russia there is no civilized market of medicines "The pharmaceutical market of Russia is uncivilized", - says the Chairman of the Pharmaceutical Association of St. Petersburg and North-West Tatiana Zaichenko. As she said on Wednesday at a press conference, dedicated to the development of the pharmacy network in St. Petersburg, now sells drugs "who wants and where it wants". "Europe is not a country where drugs are sold in the stalls," he said So Zaichenko. To change this situation, in the opinion of the pharmacist, it is necessary to adopt a law on pharmaceutical activity. Читать полностью -->

New eyes can be obtained even at home

New eyes can be obtained even at homeNew eyes can be obtained even at home Amazing picture could catch recently neighbors 34-year-old paralyzed disabled by going to visit the man. Right at home people in white coats with the help of the latest medical equipment did their buddy complex... surgery on the eyes! As reported MCO in one of the capital's eye centers, a huge number of people in need of eye care, may not be able to visit the eye clinic for health reasons. Some of them were bedridden. This patient was a man with a disability who had a serious eye disease (complicated cataract), requiring surgical intervention. A resident of Moscow Grooves lost due to radiation therapy (15 years ago he removed the tumor of the pituitary gland). Читать полностью -->

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