Travelers ' diarrhea

When frequent chair body quickly dehydrated, and it is very dangerous. Self-help is to drink more weakly salted water. Experienced and very brave travelers carry in my first aid kit antibiotics effective in the treatment of intestinal infections, for example nolitsin. Recommend to all such "prudence" is not. Children need to be treated separately. They always keenly interested in a variety of dirty items, including inedible, and bad without reminders remember that before the meal to wash their hands; and intestinal infections, as well as many other diseases, they develop faster and flow more difficult than for adults. Therefore, you should very carefully keep track of what, where and how it absorbs your child. With the disease of moderate severity, in order to avoid dehydration, it is recommended that the following way: in one beaker containing 200 g of pure water, add a quarter teaspoon of baking soda. In another glass of fruit juice (orange or Apple), add half a teaspoon of honey and a pinch of salt. Take 2 SIPS from a glass, then the same from the other. Keep drinking it so completely empty glasses. After this drink silver water (silicon, space, alive) until the diarrhea will not subside. Another, even better way for rehydration are the so-called solutions for oral rehydration therapy (RPR). RPR contain mostly sugar and salt are substances that help to replace important electrolytes that are lost during diarrhoea. They also help to absorb water in the intestines. In fact, RPR are so useful that they save thousands of lives in developing countries. If desired, you can prepare this solution: glucose 20 g, g 3.5 g, baking soda - 2.5 g and potassium chloride - 20, Add about a liter of purified water and drink. Check your bladder. Than yellower color of your urine, the more fluid you need. Avoid dairy products and solid food. At least initially. They are too heavy for digestion. And stay away from alcohol - it will cause you dehydrated. When diarrhea stops, start with easily digestible foods such as banana, orange juice, salty crackers or rice. Another for the traveler can be Pepto-Bismol (Pepto-Bismol), a well-known gastric medicine available in a wide sale. It is approximately 60% reduces the frequency of stool, making the stool more solid and firmer and kills bacteria. You don't have to worry about what your tongue and stools become black, is a natural side effects of Pepto-Bismol. It is also believed that very effectively followed by antibiotics to treat lactic acid bacteria, because the gastrointestinal system loses a large part of useful microorganisms. The best form of lactic acid bacteria are probably the acidophilus bacteria acidophilus milk, and then Bulgarian contained in yogurt. Abroad there is a local variant of the yogurt. This is the easiest way to find the lactic acid bacteria. In Japan, the yogurt is called Yakult, Korea - yogurt in India - Dahi, Egypt - assurance & financial services and levinrad, Turkey - Auran, and in Sardinia - jiddu. Dangerous symptoms Although in most cases the diarrhea passes without treatment, some symptoms indicate the need for medical surveillance. - red or black stool can be a sign of bleeding or parasitic infection, while white or discolored stools may indicate liver disease; - the presence of serious infection can confirm high temperature; - bloating, vomiting and pain may indicate colitis, bowel obstruction or appendicitis. Vomiting means that you are not able to keep rehydration solutions. Doctors warn: if you have any of these symptoms, do not own anything to stop the diarrhea. Source:.

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